About us

About the Finest Game Blog

For Our Team It’s not Just a Game, It’s a True Passion!

The Finest Games editorial team is much more than just a bunch of post-graduates, obsessed with video games.

For us it’s a true passion. Our extensive game reviews, gaming industry news analytics and op-eds on the world of gaming are more of a journalism to us.

Our goal is to bring high standards of journalism (while keeping all the fun), while informing our readers on the latest developments in the gaming world!


Our Bloggers

Our staff consists of dozens of enthusiastic, passion-driven bloggers who feel strong urge to write the best gaming news, reviews and analytics!

Here’s the list of our Blog’s biggest contributors:


Danny Pollock


Danny’s been working as a Chief Editor for GameSpot gaming news platform for many years. After switching jobs and also curating TheWired’s editorial policy for some time, now he leads our Gaming Blog. Leads us to be the best in the industry!


Andy Wassermann

News Editor

Andy likes to test (play) all the games he writes about.
His game reviews and previews are thorough, and offer a unique, in-detail overview to any reader.


Andrew Weiner

News Editor

Andrew lived in Japan for 7 years. His passion for gaming was born in that hi-tech country. But after writing game reviews and game scripts for Tokyo-based developers, he relocated back to USA. Now he helps us. His work shaped the blog as you know it today!